New Beginnings Counseling Services

Individual Counseling: The ultimate goal of individual therapy is to recover by learning to be more confident in yourself, to make your voice heard through communication, to validate your own emotions, to learn to love yourself, and to learn better ways of coping with anger, sadness and stress. You will spend many hours talking to your therapist about your childhood, your experiences, and your day-to-day life, and all of this is important to your recovery. There are many ways a therapist can work with you individually, and different therapists have different methods. The name of the approach is not as important as the methods used, so it will be important for you to discuss with your therapist your goals in working towards recovery.

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: This type of therapy works on the premise that thinking, questioning and doing, (with practice) leads to the changes needed for recovery. Learning to change the way you think about yourself will result in changing the way you treat yourself. There is an eclectic combination of cognitive, behavioral and emotional techniques: changing negative thoughts to positive and pessimistic words to optimistic words. Using humor, role playing, and homework and word-work in attacking shameful feelings and feelings of guilt are combined with the effort to make changes in thinking and behaviors. The focus with cognitive-behavior therapy is that it is a "move-forward" approach and often lacks exploration of the deeper emotional issues that led to negative behaviors and thoughts in the first place. There can also be Behavior Modification Therapy on its own where as the client focuses on changing behaviors through practice.

Psychoanalytic: This is a clinical approach through interpretation, dream analysis, free association, analysis of resistance and transference. This all assists the client in gaining access to their subconscious; to the internal conflicts they may not be aware of, and in gaining new insights. There is a strong focus on repressed conflicts and less focus on social, cultural and interpersonal factors.


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Children, teenagers & adults with behavioral and/or mental health needs.


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